About Me

When everyday sunrise compiles the wisdom:” those who never renovate; shall vanish” and your path, When the pen, all your drawings and doodles become your fellows, When Discovering behind every single story a great message that you can deliver to yourself and the world.
Coffee and your music list are your special and only intemperance and when mind keeps telling you “let’s make this letter totally different than usual”.

Then you are reading my biography; The lifetime of Kareem Mrghany..

Iam working in Typography, Graphic Designing and photography, Frankly speaking the word “work” may not appeal to you so we can replace it with ”in passion with” away from being my Career, The” Arabic Eagle, Letters and the Camera” are my orchestra players; that help me to create “The perfection concerto”, I adore each and every update and being the great team player that always helps.

The words” you can’t” and “stop dreaming and be realistic” are completely removed from my “Life” dictionary, Reading all what “Al-Mutanabbi” and “al’shafai” wrote or said is one of my preferred hobbies, we can say that eloquence is my taste.

My career journeys – I see them like that- not experiences, I learned a lot from them and when their memories flourish in my mind garden; I smile because i compare my experience then and now, let’s have a look:

-“Antra printing house” in El-Mansoura-Egypt.

-“El-Riyadh-Mansoura” company for hosting and designing Websites

-“ILogo” Company in Saudi-Arabia.

-“Icon: company in Egypt.

-“RSC” company in Saudi arabia till this moment you are reading,

  • I also dealt with a numerous pioneering companies and supported them in “Typography” like “ Leo print”.

-Designed posters for Arabic celebrities like “Asalah” and some movies and TV series as well.

-The Emirati Tv, “El-nada” and “El-Affasi” channels.

  • I created the logo and Identity for a lot of Festivals, like “Kaliga” in Brida, “Eineza summer”, “Ghodda” in Quseim and “People’s Heritage” in Gebeil.

– I joined the executive team for “ World Environment Day (WED)” in the Eastern Province.

I believe that my role is leading the innovation; I can’t see myself as a normal person that his life is only between job and salary.

History captures me with all his eras especially the Andalusian age, that’s why traveling all over the world is my dream; cause who adores history definitely adores new places and ambiguity.

I achieved what makes me really proud of myself but i have no time for such a joy; I have new things to discover and yesterday was yesterday! If i notice that my designs are infected with traditionalism i will retire and stop immediately!  So that’s why am seeking my own different style and keeps telling every inch of mine” Don’t be satisfied with what beneath the stars”…